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2015 Crisis and Chance-Change

publisher: Tanner Wong
Time: 2015-09-21
Summary: Crisis and Chance,Change

  The unexpected economic recession in 2015 brings us the miserable memory of economic crisis in 2008.

   Though our Chinese government shows us great confidence in growth of domestic economy.

   Everyone knows the bad season is coming due to following two factors:

   1.The lower demand in both the developed and emerging economies. 

   2.Chinese sluggish internal demand.

    As typical export-oriented company ,our customers are mainly from Europe and America, so the economic recession have profound influence on us.

    To face the present challenge,Our management held many meeting and came out following strategies:


     1. Exploit Chinese domestic market.

     2.Build good brand of Hui Tong tools.

     3.Reduce working staff, promote working efficiency.

     4.Carry out cross-border e-commerce,transform our business form B2B to B2B and B2C.

     Chinese saying:Sometimes bad things can turn out good.

     Hoping our company will meet new development after crisis.





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